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Leviathan - The Kraken

& Chtulhu

The motherbeer for these beasts is a 14% Belgian Barleywine. Only 1 10HL batch was made and devided in two halves to fill up 2 Ardbeg Scottish whisky barrels (Leviathan) and 1 500L Andalusian Brandy Barrel (The Kraken).
For this massive beer we used only natural malts, oatmeal and sugars.
We needed an extra fermentation with champagne yeast to achieve the 14% abv without adding alcohol or chemicals.
The labels were designed on demand by our good friend Antonio Bravo (Spain) who also does the labels for Naparbier and Zombier.
As the beer was devided in 2 pieces they join again if you put the labels together. They form a masterpiece of art showing an epic battle between the 2 most fearfull mythical seacreatures known to mankind.

 These were the first 2 of our monsterseries. Check untappd or facebook to see what became after these.

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