D.O.M. Brewery 10th anniversary Party

Our brewery turns 10 years and we want to celebrate with you!!

After a decade of brewing we have quite a lot to show off

Tickets: What do you get:

-10 exclusive new beers

-1 exclusive t-shirt

-1 dedicated glass

-1 quick brewery tour

-1 very exclusive and limited 50cl bottle (550pcs)

-4 foodtickets

-1 bracelet

-1 DOM badge

- free water and coffee

Quick intel:

When: Saterday 9/10/2021

Doors: 12o o'clock, start: 2 pm

Where: The Mash, Ardooisestraat 130, Izegem

Closest trainstation: Izegem

Nearby hotel: Park hotel

Shuttle/taxi: 0032 468 48 01 44